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by Sarah Taylor | Dec 8, 2019 | Local Law No. 2 Submissions | 0 comments

My two year old and I spend the break of day wandering the roadside towards a nearby horse. We pick and chew on various edibles along the way. We collect the longest grass for the horse and we pick up any rubbish we see along the way. Come autumn, we will pick a cluster of apples in my skirt to stew, bottle or share as we watch our bins being picked up by the lovely fellow who always beeps the horn at us. My child is amongst the natural workings of the day and she adores it, especially when the neighbours join us.

This is a story about my day in Moorabool Shire, just on the edge of Hepburn Shire. It is relevant because I have often longed to have residence in Hepburn Shire. I have looked across the fence at the culture in Hepburn that appears to value the commons, the shared economy and thus health of a community. And within this, I have felt welcomed. To hear of the draft local law 2, Community Amenity and Municipal Places, saddens me more than a short submission will convey.

I am concerned by the motivation behind the law. It appears to read as though it is for the safety of the community but I cannot see how this is actually the case. Is it because the council wants to use more chemical on common land and not inform the community? It is because there is a fear of being liable? Is it because individuals don’t like seeing things move outside the monetary economy? To this, I choose to be responsible for myself and my family when we are on public land and I trust that my local council will inform me openly and calmly of any grave dangers. As for economics, I have contributed to the local economy as I travelled there to pick some roadside fruit and I will travel there less if this law goes through.

Sarah Taylor


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