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by Robert J. Burrowes & Anita McKone | Dec 10, 2019 | Local Law No. 2 Submissions | 0 comments

8 November 2019

Dear Cr [individually addressed and sent to each Hepburn Shire Councillor]

We are aware of the proposed law mentioned in the subject line and have also recently read the submission in relation to this draft law written by Dr Patrick Jones.

In essence, we would like to add our voices to that of Dr Jones simply because our own research points in the same direction. For that reason we ask that you please amend the draft in accord with Patrick’s suggestions.

If you want to read further evidence of the tremendous need for much simpler lifestyles and local self-reliance given ecological limits now being rapidly overrun, the following document and six articles offer a brief elaboration in many contexts together with a multitude of links to further documentary (scientific) evidence.

‘The Flame Tree Project to Save Life on Earth’
‘Our Vanishing World: Insects’
‘The Global Climate Movement is Failing: Why?’
‘Our Vanishing World: Glaciers’
‘Our Vanishing World: Rainforests’
‘Extinction is Stalking Humanity: The Threats to Human Survival Accumulate’
‘Human Extinction by 2026? A Last Ditch Strategy to Fight for Human Survival’

In the fight for survival in which humans are now engaged, the importance of measures such as those proposed by Council cannot be exaggerated.

Warmest regards; Robert and Anita

Anita McKone and Robert J. Burrowes
Websites: The People’s Charter to Create a Nonviolent World
The Flame Tree Project to Save Life on Earth
‘Why Violence?’
Feelings First
Nonviolent Campaign Strategy
Nonviolent Defense/Liberation Strategy
Anita: Songs of Nonviolence
Global Nonviolence Network


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