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by Dianne van Baalen | Dec 11, 2019 | Local Law No. 2 Submissions | 0 comments

Dear Mayor and Councillors,

Re- General local law No2 of 2019

As a local ratepayer, and landlord I have many concerns and objections to the laws listed below.

You are our representatives and I don’t believe that these laws represent us as a community.

I want to be part of an ethical community that reduces waste, provides for vulnerable people in need, assists residents to utilise and enjoy our public spaces. I want to be proud of our council and show case to other councils the wonderful opportunities that are possible if we work together for the genuine benefit of all community members.

I attended the public meeting at the Daylesford Town Hall on Dec 3 and was inspired by the rational, articulate and intelligent discussion regarding the inappropriate bylaws. Many of the speakers have made submissions regarding these laws.

I want to endorse and support the submissions made by Chandra Easton, Vasko Drogriski, Dr Jeff Stewart, Dr David Holmgren, Per Bernard, Peter O’Mara, Sarah Taylor, Patrick Jones, Nikki Marshall, Namita Trensky and Lindy Churches. They have all articulated many of my concerns.

Below is my perspective

2.5.2 hold a street party or event in a public place

 This rule would potentially stop people from having a birthday party/ gathering / neighbourhood Christmas party at the lake or skate park or neighbouring common land.  We should not need a permit to do such things.

2.7 busk in a public place without a permit

Buskers enrich our public places, many have low incomes, and they should not need to pay for a permit to enrich our lives with the gift of music or entertainment.

2.9.2 Council may declare any road ……an area where wheeled toy vehicles must not be used.

We need to encourage the use of Wheeled toy vehicles so our young people develop skills to empower them to use bikes as a mode of transport instead of polluting cars.

Not use wheeled toy vehicles in declared areas at any time. 

Supervised use of wheeled toy vehicles when the area is quiet would be very reasonable. Allow people to use discretion rather than banning use at any time

2.11 Vehicle Repair

Carry out a repair in a public space 

Someone who broke down and did not have the funds may need to repair their own vehicle in that location.

2.12 Outdoor Eating facilities 

Putting out tables and chairs for the purpose of food and drink to be consumed by a member of the public should be a right and encouraged.

2.15 Trading in a public Space 

This is part of life in the country and should be embraced. Buying local produce direct from the grower is part of waste minimization. It reduces the need for packaging and transportation. It supplements the income of local producers and provides produce without the cost of food miles. I thought that was Councils goal.  So you don’t buy potatoes, flowers, fruit, honey from roadside stalls?

It is an endearing part of country living, which is loved by locals and visitors alike.

2.18 Firewood collection

Remove firewood vegetation or fruit from a road reserve or council land. 

This also should be encouraged not discouraged as it reduces waste, feeds and warms our locals

This year I went in search of wild fruit trees to make jams preserves and vinegars. Many local people were able to assist me with the locations of these apple trees and berry bushes. What a fabulous community. So I need a permit to do this now? It’s too ridiculous for words.

2.21 Planting vegetation on roads

The movement to grow plants on nature strips means less grass to mow, creating greener more attractive spaces for residents to share, another wonderful strategy some other councils have adopted.

“ Lets grow it not mow it.”

4.2 Camping and Caravan Occupation


  1. A) Camp, caravan in a public space or

Use a caravan, mobile home or temporary or makeshift structure for the purpose of habitation 

4.2.2 owner or occupier must not camp or allow others to camp on the land

  1. B) For more than 4 consecutive weeks or
  2. C) For more than 3 months in any calendar year

This clause impacts on some of the most vulnerable members of our community. The cost of housing and the lack of social housing means caravans, mobile homes and temporary structures can be the only possibility of safety and some level of comfort. I would like to see more public and private spaces offered to the homeless as a solution to the housing crisis.

4.3 Dangerous or unsightly land

4.3.1 owner or occupier must not allow land to be unsightly

We as landowners in this shire for the past 30 years have collected valuable building materials that were destined for landfill to be reused for dwellings, garden structures, sheds and artworks.  We have shared these materials with others who choose a frugal life. These perfectly good second hand timber, roofing, windows and other building materials are stored on properties and may be unsightly but when as they are repurposed they become things of beauty.

Who has the right to judge whether graffiti is unsightly? I have travelled extensively and often photograph the interesting graffiti/ street art I have encountered. Areas of Melbourne with extensive graffiti are now very popular tourist destinations. Lets embrace street art, not prohibit or discourage the artist’s expression.

4.7 Scavenging

Remove rubbish from transfers station or left for collection

For the past 30 years I have regularly found useful items (which you call “rubbish”) at our Transfer station, I have proudly brought these items home to be reused or repurposed. I am always happy to pay for these items if necessary. This week as resident told me that she was prohibited from taking a metal container, which she wanted for a sculpture. She did not need to show the staff, but as she is an honest person she did, and was told she could not have it.  Every person I know in our community does the same. It’s a fantastic resource and I have been very proud that our transfer station has embraced this in the past.

I feel for the staff at our transfer station that are being compromised by having to apply this unjust law.

Thank you for your considerations

Yours Sincerely


Dianne van Baalen


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