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by per bernard | Dec 15, 2019 | Local Law No. 2 Submissions | 0 comments

Dear HCS

I wish to make objection to Draft General Local Law No. 2 – Community Amenity and Municipal Places, by submitting attached submission by Dr. Patrick Jones which eloquently addresses my objections as well as my points following.

I can in some ways understand the motivation behind many of the items in the draft, but times are changing. Our Councilors recently joined Hepburn Shire together with many others across the globe in declaring Climate Emergency. This changes everything, it changes how we think and act, right now. So instead of thinking old school, how to manage unruly or helpless citizens and unkept public land we must now think how we can inspire local communities to come together with Council to develop strategies for how best to empower our communities and manage our public spaces and all areas under LL2. Let’s make Hepburn Shire an even brighter example for others.

Climate change means food scarcity, so let’s grow food on our public lands for all to share. Climate change suggests hotter and drier climate, and food production like fruit and nut trees etc. are fire retardant thereby creating firebreaks, and acts as natural air conditioners. Public spaces could house temporary emergency shelters as the number of homeless and abused people needing immediate assistance are growing.

The experts tell us that re-use is better than recycling, so every effort should be applied to maximizing re-use of all resources before recycling or dumping. The transfer stations need a complete overhaul to bring them into the 21st century. Some countries still dump all their ‘rubbish’ whilst others like Sweden import ‘rubbish’ because their system has become so sophisticated.

I live on Table Hill in Daylesford with public land on 3 sides managed by various authorities. The land slopes steeply down from TH to Wombat Creek and Midland Highway. No authorities have done any fuel reduction of these slopes in the years I have been here, and the build-up of ground fuel is very very high. Policies and strategies to reduce immediate area ground fuel around all our communities must be developed as the various responsible authorities clearly hasn’t got the resources.

I could go on.

I request a core working group be established of key experts from community and HSC to completely overhaul LL2, followed by the forming of local area working groups throughout the shire to implement new LL2.

I request my Ward Councilors Kate Redwood and Fiona Robson support my submission.

I wish to speak to my submission

Kind regards Per Bernard


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