Local law 2 – Vasko Drogriski

by Vasko Drogriski | Dec 15, 2019 | Local Law No. 2 Submissions | 0 comments

To: Mayor and Councillors, Hepburn Shire

Date: December 6th, 2019

Dear Mayor and Councillors,

I write in relation to Local Laws 2. I object to many of the draft laws, as outlined in other submissions by Patrick Jones, Z-Net roundtable, Nikki Marshall, Peter Tyndal, Meg Ulman, Per Bernard, Tammi Jonmas, Jen Bray, David Holmgren, Airlie Morris, Stuart Jonnas et al.

The laws are too prohibitive and are in contradiction of your recent climate emergency declaration. Furthermore, they contravene basic community/people rights and principles of gathering, rights to self provisioning, rights to association in the public domain. The laws are against principles of poverty alleviation, they are indeed against long standing intergenerational traditions of sharing, whether it is food/shade trees planted on public land, for us to use and enjoy today, these laws will prevent us doing similar actions today for other people in the future. Preventing people from salvaging materials, collecting food on public land, planting trees on public land, gathering and sharing on public land are all activities which we will need to do more of as we go into climate change, resource scarcity, loss of biodiversity. These can only be done by opening pathways for everyone to be activated to these tasks. The risk of not allowing these things to be done, will outweigh the public risks of them not being done.


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