Loris Duclos’ Response to Local Law 2

by Loris Duclos | Dec 15, 2019 | Local Law No. 2 Submissions | 0 comments

Hepburn Shire

Chief Executive Officer,

PO Box 21, Daylesford 3460 


Dear CEO, Mayor and Councillors,


I write in relation to my concerns with the draft outcomes of the review of Local Laws #2.

As a local person I strongly support the issues raised by other members of the Hepburn Shire community, especially those outlined so eloquently by Dr Patrick Jones and Dr Jeff Stewart. I believe that outcomes from the review of the 2009 Local Law No 2 generally do not reflect the expectations of the Hepburn Community. The Hepburn Shire has an eclectic demographic with many in the community putting forward new solutions to address sustainability issues and the role we each play as part of a civil society.   I commend the thinkers, the facilitators and the debaters in our community, I listen with open ears. Our local government should work more closer with our community to come up with modern, innovative governance solutions to protect the welfare of individuals, our community as a whole and the land we are blessed to live on.

My submission focuses mostly on the adverse impacts of the proposed laws on volunteer Committees of Management (CoM) who are responsible for the management of Crown Land reserves of various tenures. I am currently the Secretary of the Bullarto Public Hall CoM and Chairperson of the Eganstown Public Cemetery Trust. Both these entities are charged with the care of important community assets (public places) on behalf of all Victorians.

The way community assets can be enjoyed and utilised will be seriously impinged upon should the draft new laws be enacted and enforced.  Below I discuss changes to specific sections of the new laws that I believe will adversely impact or render it increasingly difficult for the community to use these beautiful and much-loved public spaces.


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