The Hepburn Shire Council passed the updated Local Law No 2 at a public Council meeting on 18 February 2020, with only minor amendments.
This was a disappointing outcome.
Join us if you’d like to be part of the ongoing effort to ensure the community’s voice is heard, and to hold the council accountable.

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Members of the Hepburn Shire community have recently drafted an open letter to the Hepburn Shire Council asking for the opportunity to provide further input into the drafting of Local Law No.2. 

Notes from the public meeting

What’s this all about?

It started with a meeting…

Representatives from the shire’s sustainability groups: SHARE, Hepburn Relocalisation Network, Hepburn Z-NET, Daylesford Community Food Gardeners, Daylesford Repair Café, Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance, Localising Leanganook, Yandoit, Clydesdale and Franklinford Community Planning Group, Goathand Cooperative, and Hepburn Wind called a meeting on Tuesday 3 December at Daylesford Town Hall.

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Submissions to Hepburn Shire…

Below are the submissions that have been shared with us so far. You are welcome to read and comment, in a spirit of open, respectful discussion. And please, if you’re thinking of submitting a response to the council, share it with us here, too. 

Ian MacBean

Two proposed changes concern me - briefly: 1. Cat numbers and the absence of any curfew. Research evidence on the 'killing capacity' of domestic cats clearly demonstrates their dreadful impact on native wildlife. We are in the sixth great extinction and the reduction...

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