Local Law 2

A little paragraph here about the whole thing.


What’s this all about?

It started with a meeting…

Representatives from the shire’s sustainability groups: SHARE, Hepburn Relocalisation Network, Hepburn Z-NET, Daylesford Community Food Gardeners, Daylesford Repair Café, Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance, Localising Leanganook, Yandoit, Clydesdale and Franklinford Community Planning Group, Goathand Cooperative, and Hepburn Wind called a meeting on Tuesday 3 December at Daylesford Town Hall.

Notes from the public meeting

Oops! I broke a council law

We all need laws. To make things fair. To keep us safe. And to protect our environment. But when laws over-reach they begin to destroy the very life they are supposed to protect.   Who’s read General Local Law No 2?               It’s 22 pages long.   So to...

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Submissions to Hepburn Shire…

Below are the submissions that have been shared with us so far. You are welcome to read and comment, in a spirit of open, respectful discussion. And please, if you’re thinking of submitting a response to the council, share it with us here, too. 

Local law 2 – Vasko Drogriski

To: Mayor and Councillors, Hepburn Shire Date: December 6th, 2019 Dear Mayor and Councillors, I write in relation to Local Laws 2. I object to many of the draft laws, as outlined in other submissions by Patrick Jones, Z-Net roundtable, Nikki Marshall, Peter Tyndal,...

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